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Hi guys. I ride a 2014 rockhopper and to be honest I'm fairly new to biking. Had it for about 2 months and the forks are wobbling all over the place. It's not the brakes or the headset but between the upper and lower parts of the fork. Took the bike back and to cut a long story short, they won't replace them under warranty because I had a stiffer coil put in at another bike shop. Even though it was a specialized dealer that replaced it. So. This now means that I am forced to replace the fork MUCH earlier than I had anticipated.

I have a few choices which I have found in my sort of budget.

1 marzocchi bombers
2 rockshox rebas
3 rockshox recon silvers

I'm 6'3 mainly riding xc and looking at 100/110mm travel. What would people recommend.


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