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For those who have warrantied their XTR disc brakes due to sticky pistons, did you send the entire brake (lever, line and caliper) back or just the caliper? I'm assuming the entire brake. I'm sending everything back with the exception of the pads, caliper mounting bolts, and, the lever, line and caliper.

Did you have to fill-out any paper-work for the warranty claim?

What was the turn around time?

Have you had any issues with the new calipers?

Have any Canadians warrantied through Shimano in Peterborough? If so, good results?

After trying everything, I finally ended-up removing both my front and rear XTR/XT brakes last night since it has been -45F with too much snow to be riding any time soon. Unfortunately, when removing the rear brake, I had to trim the end of the line at the caliper end since the brass olive was completely compressed on the line and had to be removed in order to remove the line from the frame cable guides. Why other brakes don't use removeable and re-useable olives like Hope, I'm not sure. It's a pain in the a$$ to have to trim the line just to remove the brake. Now, I need a new olive.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
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