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For those of you with an 07 Coiler

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How much, about, does the frame weigh? Im looking to get one from wheelworld but I cannot seem to find the weight anywhere. Also how well does it climb, with and without the propedal?
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Guessing @ 8-8.5lbs w/shock. I find it climbs much better with propedal, than without. However, this could have more to do with my personal setup, I tend to run my suspension soft (@35-40% sag). If you ran it normal 25% it would probably be better.

FWIW, I love my Coiler.
I thinks red5 is right. The coiler is a great frame. Climbs like a goat. You can do it but it not the xc bike of choice. But if AM is your game then the coiler is your frame.
Forgot to weight it, but seems around 9lb for 17" and DHX 4.0
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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