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Sorry to SPAM you guys, but I have two 29er suspension corrected forks that I need to sell that have been sitting here for a bit. We make all our forks custom, one at a time, however these forks were for customers that didnt' pay (canceled their order at the last minute).

They are both built with True Temper unicrown blades and use machined and butted steerers (designed originally for da Vinci tandems, so very strong but also light) In order to compensate for the lack of good quality fork blades long enough to be 29er suspension corrected, - though they might be coming soon - we use a plug on the ends of the fork to extend them just a bit. So there is a visible TIG weld there, but the paint really smooths it out and it works very well (the other alternative is to raise the crown race higher up the steerer tube which some people seem not to like the look of that).

They are both 465mm axle to crown, which is suspension corrected for the newer 80mm forks (WB and Marzocchi) when you compensate for sag. Both have lots of tire clearance, enough to run 2.3" tires if/when they come to the market. Spectrum Powder Works does all of our painting.

One fork is canti studs only, and is painted black w/ paw prints in pewter and a powder clear coat. So this fork is available for immediate shipment.

The other fork is disc only and is unpainted at this point. You would have to wait 3 weeks or so for Specrum to paint it, but you can get any color you want.

The forks use the exact same geometry as the Surly Karate Monkey forks, so they would be a perfect replacement for those to smooth out the ride a bit. Price is $230 for either one. If you want to see more pictures please email me.


[email protected]


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