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I am new to these forums and I enjoy reading everything people have posted. What i dont understand, however, is that why i haven't seen anything about Ogden and the proposed changes in the trail system. For those who are unaware the mayor of Ogden wants to put a gondola from downtown ogden to Malins Basin with a stop at Weber State Univ. This is an outrages use of money on some proposed plan to generate more income for the city. The biggest problem people have with this is we are not given any information about what is going on. The mayor goes happily on his way making plans and keeping the public in the dark. Along with this gondola project it is also proposed that an entire golf course will be moved (at aprox. $1Million a hole) and around 400 condos be added above the current golf course. Now where is all this going to be built? On the mountain were we have some of our best trails.
I have been a runner long before i have been a biker and have been running on these trails since i was a little kid. This is something that truly upsets me and i wish other people would get involved and start asking questions. This is just a blatant abuse of power that needs to be questioned
For anyone interested, go to this is a site put together to try to make sense of the whole situation.

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