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For all of you who prefer platform pedals

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I was wondering what shoes you found gave you the bast grip on platforms. I know the pedals have alot to do with it but don't the shoes also. I use Nike Maverick 6.0's
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i like to use sam hill 510's or converse
all the gouges on my bare shin or shinguards are from when i was not wearing my 5.10s, usually DC and Es skate shoes.
That said, I will do not any hops or jumps without them (5.10 and guards).
I've slipped off many times using Vans, but hardly ever with 5.10s.
5.10's - END OF STORY!

i've used nike running shoes...i normally skateboard in my skate shoes, so the soles are worn down smooth, which isn't conducive to biking.
I use thos cheap ns skate shoes from big 5.

Hmm... maybe I should try some of these 510s....
Understand that 5.10 is the company and they make a line of shoes. The stealth rubber at the bottom is the key.

I tried the 5.10 Impact 2, which most on this board are probably referring to, when they mention 5.10. For me, I found the shoe sticks well but is very bulky.... ended up sending them back. Too bulky for me.

Instead, I am using this model from 5.10 called the "Camp 4" and find it worked much better. It's streamlined, light, breathes better and is actually an approach/climbing shoe.
here's a link of what it looks like..
Just get some 5.10 dragons. No really most 5.10 shoes will fit the bill just find a pair you like.
I have a old set of new balance running shoes that grip really well. I tried vans and dc and my shins paid. One day went for a little ride with my running shoes on and wow grippy. I have never looked back. I would not be shocked if 5.10 gripped better but these are cheaper and lighter and i have big feet and skinny anlkes so when i wear "skater" shoes i look like im walking around with fluffy clown shoes.
Brakebreaker101 said:
I was wondering what shoes you found gave you the bast grip on platforms. I know the pedals have alot to do with it but don't the shoes also. I use Nike Maverick 6.0's
Most grip for platforms is the 5.10 line such as the Impact.

Best grip-it depends. IMO there is such a thing as too much grip. I put a pair of Easton Cully's on my ride last weekend and would up not liking it in the steep and rough stuff at Snowshoe. Every time I put my foot on the pedal if it wasn't in a correct position I had to lift my foot completely off to re-position. It was really nerve racking riding a steep, rocky section in the rain with your foot at a funny angle. Did some runs with the Specialized Lo-Pro Mags and they were perfect. Just enough grip to keep the feet on when I needed it but I could re-position if needed.

If the pedal is super grippy I think the shoe needs to have a bit less grip and vice-verse. The Cully's I prefer with Van's for instance.
I have never used 5-10s. I ride(urban, fr, am), DH race in Globes, and Es'. I have used, all brands of skate shoes, Nike 6.0's. I like the Globes, and Es'. Again, this is a personal subject. I think that the pedals I use combined with those clunky 5-10s would be too sticky. I have some, marks on my shins, but, thats not because of the shoes, I screwed up, period.


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I use a set of vasque trail running shoes and have great results w/ them.
I currently use Adidas Berm, and they work fine. Very cheap too. I will probably get 5.10 - but I have not had a very good experience with the brand when using their climbing shoes, back when they had been making only climbing shoes. They blew up fast on me and had been very uncomfortable for my feet. But I was resoling my La Sportiva high tops trad shoes with 5.10 rubber even then.
By all accounts though their cycling effort is of better quality.
im currently using the Shimano MP90's

performance bike recently had them on closeout for $49
I usually use etnies, which provide a lot of grip initially but the soles tear up quickly and begin to lose their grip. I just bought some LAKE shoes off of chain love and like them so far
I had great success using the Chrome Milo- Held up very well!

The low top Impacts aren't bulky at all and work amazingly.
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