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Footage from NZ

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Hey Guys, I made this video about a month ago. Check it and tell me what ya think :)
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there was some cool stuff in there. i like some of the camera angles, one thing that would help would be to make some sequences: on those shots at around 2:12 where the camera is sitting on the jump with the riders come right at it, shoot it from another angle too. When you're editing leave that shot in as the rider approaches then cut to the second angle just as he takes off. if you only have one camera just shoot the rider hitting the jump a few times.

Cheers for all the postive feedback guys. Got anything else to add?

I liked it.
I didn't like music so much that I was vary discouraged from watching the whole thing... IMO music doesn't match editing, footage..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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