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Another full weekend of rain here in central NH and all points south. My wife Lo, Severum, and his fiancé decide to got for a hike on Saturday. Severum being the research nut that he is finds that the best chance for good weather is in VT. So the three of them leave Concord in the rain and head up I89. 5 Hours later I get a call from the top of Mt. Mansfield saying that there isn't a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather.
The wheels in my head start turning at this point. Lo tells me that at one point on the way home Severum says that he knows I'm going to drag him back up there then following day. Uhhh Yeah. :D
Again, leaving Concord in a heavy overcast we head northwest. We are not even out of NH when the sky turns blue. We were both pumped, although one of us was a little more sore than the other, to be headed to check out Millstone in Barre Vt. We had a great day. The place is super fun and cool in it's own way. I've heard it being referred to as a smaller Kingdom Trails. I can assure you it's not that. Not even close. But that being said it was a great place and I'm sure we'll be back. One bonus for us was bumping into VtMike in the parking lot. Small world. I guess we'll be headed up to Waterbury soon. :thumbsup:
Anyway, there was no real reason for this post other than to share the fact that I had a great day.
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