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Follow Me!

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"get up, get moving, get the h... off the beach, Follow Me!"
Colonel Aubrey S Newman, Commander, 34th Infantry Regiment, inspiring his men to press on with the attack during the amphibious landing in Leyte, Philippines during WWII.

Follow Me! became the official motto for the US Army Infantry and has served as a rally cry for the American infantryman ever since. I've decided to dedicate my racing efforts this year to raising awareness of and support for our wounded warriors, and I'm hoping you'll follow me.

I'll be spreading the word at numerous XC, endurance mtb, gravel grinder, and even a few road events this year, as well as on facebook (friend me @ Ruck Up). From time to time I'll be on twitter @Ruck_Up, so you can follow me there as well.

I'll be highlighting various organizations that support our troops, and it's my sincere hope that folks will find a few dollars to donate to these wonderful causes.

(former infantryman and avid cyclist)
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RIght on. Thank you for your service.
Good on ya' Mudge. I'll follow and help where I can.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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