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Flying high in the Whiteclouds of Central Idaho:
July 1st to 4th run by Chris Cook
Sign up: Chris Cook - [email protected]

The mountain biking in the WhiteClouds is some of the best epic mountain biking anywhere in North America and is only a 3 hour drive from Boise. The rides can be long and those who participate should know there limits. The rewards are immense and the views are expansive! We hope you can join us for one day or for the whole time!

Friday July 1st: An Advanced ride to the Castle Peak Saddle from Pole Creek Rd. This ride is about 25 miles long and involves some hike-a-bike. We will descend down the Germania Creek to the junction to Chamberlain Basin and then descend back down and around to Germania Creek. We will do two side trips to Washington Lakes and Castle Peak Saddle. This trip will take us into the heart of the Whiteclouds for some expansive scenery.

Saturday July 2nd: An Intermediate ride, which involves twisting and swooping turns beyond your wildest dreams. We will climb up Fischer Creek Rd and the then descend down Fischer Creek trail to Warm Springs Trail, which we will take all the way down to Robinson Bar. A couple deep stream crossings will make it exciting in sections, but the expansive meadows and canyons we will ride through will amaze. You must signup in advance for this ride so we can arrange a shuttle service.

Sunday July 3rd: An advanced ride down the East Fork of the Salmon River to the Bowery Guard station where we will hike a bike over to Germania Creek and then ride back up Germania Creek back to the vehicles parked on Pole Creek Rd. The ride is about 40 miles and involves some serious hike a bike, but is well worth the trip.

Monday July 4th: An advanced ride in Celebration of July 4th of around 27miles. We will ride July 4th trail to Born Lakes and descend down Warm Springs Trail to Williams trail for an epic ride with amazing scenery and challenging Terrain. This ride will bring you to 10,000ft and provides views of the highest peaks in the White Clouds and high elevation lakes that take the breath away.

Meeting Location: Large group campsite on the banks of the Salmon River right off ID75. The campsite is on Decker Flats, which is the right hand turn right before 4th of July Rd if you are driving from Stanley. After taking rights cross over the bridge and then take a left and we will be in one of the first campsites on the river. Rides will start from the campsite at 8am or 9am depending on the ride length.

Special Note: Intermediate rides can be arranged on any of these days for those who are exhausted from the previous days ride.
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