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Fluid Trainers - They are so AWESOME!

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My old Cycleops Mag trainer didn't have enough resistance, was loud and didn't clamp the bike very securely.

So, I sold it and took my friend's suggestion to get a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine and I used it for the first time today. I never really understood what was meant by Fluid trainers having a more realistic feel, but now I do. I think it will make riding inside more fun. It is like the thing has a brain and knows when you need more (or less) resistance. The resistance potential (1600 W) is huge.

Buying a fluid trainer was the best purchase I have made since ???

I was a little surprised that it is not much quieter than my Mag, but it is better.

If you have a Mag or Wind trainer, you won't regret moving up a step to a Fluid. It was so worth the money.

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I had a Cyclops fluid trainer and I think it got easier to pedal over the years. It was expensive and didn't work any better than what I have now. I actually like my cheaper trainer a lot better.
Kurt Kinetic Road Machine or 1up trainer??

Who has experiance with both?? Please give pro's & con's of each.


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