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Looking for a rim to go with my Hadley hubs. I would like to build a second set of wheels so that I don't need to be changing my tires depending on where and what I am riding.
The wheels I am going to build are for DH riding only.
Are the 823's going to build up significantly stiffer than the Flow's if the hubs and spokes (most likely DT Swiss Alpine) are the same?
The hubs are 20mm (f) and 135X12 (r).
Do you have any other suggestions? I weigh 225lbs before getting dressed.

Thank you,

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The Flow's are not in the same league as the 823's. The 819's are more like the Flow's (2mm narrower). The 823's are heavy and truly a DH only rim. The Flow's were conceived as an AM rim but work OK as a light duty DH rim for lighter weight riders.

So, with your weight I would not rec the Flow's for DH use.

I'm sure some others can chime in with better options for you :thumbsup:
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