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Florida, New Trail Passion

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The North Trail was opened this past Sunday at the Alafia State Park in Florida.

Here's how that new trail happened....

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped today in support of the
opening of our newest trail. And a really BIG thanks to all those who
volunteered during our trail building days. Over the past several
months, club members devoted over 2000 hours of time to this trail. Our
biggest contributors were Art and Julianne, with about 300 hours
between them. What is particularly gratifying is that Craig Liney, the
park's head ranger, volunteered something over 40 hours. I seriously
doubt there are any other parks in this state that has the boss turn in
40 hours of off-the-clock time building trails. Ya gotta love this guy.

Big hours were also turned in by: (in no order) Ken Orlando, Wes
Eubank, Kevan Sheridan, Dave Whyte, Matthew & Merrick Endres, Tim
Gustafson, Dave Davenport and Jon Case. Another 60 volunteers showed up
on one or two workdays, and 10 more showed up for 3 workdays. In total,
about 80 people worked on this trail. A grand effort for a grand trail.
We built two miles of trail in 7 scheduled workdays. That is amazing.

Ride it. Enjoy it. And remember, we will be adding more trail soon as
Art has a vacation.

We would like to see some new faces at our workdays. Trail building is
the most gratifying work I have ever done. I believe you would enjoy it

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yeah, what Fred said!!!

We want pics! Seriously though, I was out in FL a couple of weeks ago and got a ride in at Alafia and had a blast. Very fun stuff and some creative lines using the terrain. The guy I was riding with pointed out where the new trail was being built (off to the right where the parking lot came in, I believe). Kudos to the SWAMP club for making such a cool area.

Just got back from vacation in Clearwater (took my bike, of course) and got to ride Alafia.
Excellent trails, short, but packed with features! (not for those who like long flowy trails).
Flatwoods park, on the other hand, was just that, flat!
I've heard good things. I will be out there today, late morning. Can't wait;)
Thanks for the work

I always appreciate the work people put into building new trails or keeping existing ones maintained. I plan to be in your area next year with a bike. Hope I can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
thats awsome, when i saw the post i figured you where talking about Alafia. Im yet to hear a review about the trail. My original plan was to go on sunday but work stole away my weekend and my ride had to stay on the old beeper ball and chain. Hope to get out there this weekend:thumbsup:

ty swamp, i hope to put in some buildingtime myself soon.
No ride pics yet, just from SWAMP site of trail building in process.

( photos by Wes )

* Even though I have about 140 or so hours building trails there, I had not worked on this one. It's kinda strange to see a new trail the first time there by riding it.
( yeah, I'm felling guilty)

Rev, when you visit you don't have to bring your bike, AJ Bikes and Boards is less then 10 miles away, they have a pretty good supply of New Specialized rentals, like Stumpjumpers and Enduro's.( 40.00 for all day I think)
Thanks guys. Just rode the new trail. It is really good and it looks like there is alot of potential for some great black diamond off shoots. I heard some big gators sliding into the water. They must have thought they had that area to themselves.
I just road it today, its awsome. SWAMP YOUVE DONE IT AGAIN!!!:thumbsup: !!!

The trail sums up every good thing that swamp has learned from their trail building efforts. Its got some pucker power hills going both UP and DOWN, even a long (by florida standards, which is like all of 50 yards) downhill at the beginning and some quick steep climbs throughout. Some minor drop ins between the size of the Bridges ones and the wee little ones at rock garden. Its got some minor rock gardens and little tree stubs. While it is fun, the trail has that new rough feeling and needs(in my opinion) and little work on the flow of the trail, several times i had rocketed around the corner and found that the trail ends and the hill down into the swamp begins (but fear not, i didnt test the water.)

All in all i give it a 8 out of 10, it would probably be a 9 if it wasnt so slick because of the rain.

PS. for some fun, when you finish the trail and it dumps you out into river loop make a right from there and the trail goes through a swamp(maybe 3in of water for now) for maybe a 100 yards in total, its a cool section, but don blame me if you go and end up swimming in 7ft of water when the rains come more often.
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