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I have a Devinci guzzler all mountain with a MX comp 120ETA and a TALAS rear. Im thiking of upgrading the fork to a Vanilla or Float 130mm. because of the frame adjustment options Im thinking the extra height will not be a problem. when Im in extended mode the front end is too far forward now and I believe the 130mm will compensate. the rear travels are 4.5 lowest, 5.5 mid, and 6.5 extended. correct me if Im wrong here please.
the reason Im wondering about the Vanilla vs the Float is that I weigh 200lbs +/- with gear and have been told that is hard on an air shock.
what are the pluses and minuses of the coil Vanilla. and also the Float air. I like the price of the vanilla better but if the float is a better fork it will be worth the extra$
I also considered the TALAS fork as well but its out of my budget
thanks for any feedback

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The Float isn't necessarily better, just different. Air fork technology is always a little more expensive than traditional coil, that explains the cost difference.

I say go with the Vanilla. Great all around trail fork, it comes with extra springs, you can't really go wrong. And the weight penalty is minimal.
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