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I posted this in the Trek forum but thought I'd share here...

This week, I received my Float RPL rear shock from PUSH. It came from my 2007 Fuel EX8. The reason I sent it in was because I was having problems with it bottoming out while doing climbs even when in ProPedal mode or locked out. So, I called PUSH and talked with Darren. He informed me that he's never seen the RPL but that it did look similar to the RP3. So, he advised that although he could potentially custom tune it for me, he'd still have to see the internals before making any promises.

Well, after a day or so of examining the shock, he called and informed me that they were not able to do any custom tuning to it because they learned that it was just a re-badged 2006 Fox Float Triad. Remember, according to their site, PUSH no longer custom tunes the 2006 or newer Triads. Fortunately, Darren still had my shock disassembled and rebuilt using their sleeve kit. They also added a volume reducer and .25" bumper to help with the bottoming out.

Let me tell you, after riding the EX8 with the RPL back on it, I was wearing the biggest, ear-to-ear grin on my face. :D What Darren and PUSH did to the shock was night and day! It's like having an entirely brand new shock! Being an ultra-clyde @ 290+, the shock is more plush and even more springy giving me the feedback I had hoped for like my Van R coil with an 800lb rated spring. I'll still have to play with damping settings but nonetheless, I am so thrilled with the performance of the RPL now. I even brought the bike back to my LBS so I could have their sales manager try it out (he's also a clyde). Describing it only did no justice to the pure joy that I am currently having. And after riding my EX8, he was so thoroughly impressed with the work done to the shock that he immediately became a believer like I have... Jimmy, expect a call from Jason @ Sun Bikes.

Again, if any of you have doubts about PUSH, believe me, just send your shocks in and get it PUSH'd. You won't regret it... I plan to send my Fox fork to them soon and will possibly pick up the RP23...
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