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Float 36 on a Meta 5.5 VIP

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hi all...

juz wondering izzit possible to fit on a 160mm 36 Float onto the Meta 5.5 VIP without any problems like headtube stress...etc etc...?
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meta 5 fox 36

I ran a Fox Float 36 on my Meta 5 for a season with no problems. I reduced it 10 mm to keep the bike balanced. I liked it better than the Pike I previously used.
So the Meta 5 is truly meant for a 140mm fork. The bike is already fairly slack, switching to a 160mm will make it even more slack and also raise the BB. While I cant totally get on board with the 160mm idea i know a number of riders that have done this, and have never seen any issues...this is all un-official of course. There is always the Meta 6 if you are set on 160!
I've had a 2007 Marzocchi All Mountain on my 5.5 which can adjust to 160, and can lower quite a bit and I haven't noticed any problems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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