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Flint Hills Death Ride 2006 - Rideshare KC

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Hey all,

I'm planning to ride this for the 1st time this year and don't have any takers to go along with me. Moved to KC from Colorado last year and haven't met any mtn bikers willing to do this type of stuff yet.

I'll be heading out from KC sometime Saturday late afternoon, planning to either camp near the site or find a motel in the area. Anyone interested in hitching a ride to and from, let me know to work out the logistics.

Looks like the ride starts at 8:00AM Sunday, July 30. Not sure how long it takes, I'm guessing somewhere in the 6 - 8 hour range. Here's more info: FHDR 2006
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Two of US

Two us from River Market Cyclery in Downtown KC are planning on doing this ride. Check with Billy the head mechanic. 842-BIKE is the shop number. We do a moutainbike ride on Thursday nights. This thursday we are going to Landahl in Blue Springs.
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