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Follow up to my MC vs Flight MC post from last week. I made mention on not finding the "spot" on the new Flight compared to my stolen MC. Well I think I got it now.

Even though the TT length was shorter - I still felt like I was too far forward over the front axle to get the fit I prefer with the stock 90mm stem. Seems I got stubby limbs and lots of slow twitch, but thats OT.

I went for the same Wilder loop that I did the week prior.

I said I wanted to try a shorter stem before I abandonded the Flight 29er so I got a Thompson X4 31.8 70mm for my Flight, mounted it up and lo and behold I found that "spot" that I loved on the MC29er, only the Flight is much more responsive to power input and I think the rear triangle stiffness helps it rail turns. and the X4 is LOTS stiffer than the factory stem, which has increased efficiency too.

Taking a yo-yo to the Stem to Seat tube resulted in a 21.5 length which is equal my perfect fit BLT.

I'm stoked with my flight now and it'll be tough time deciding which wheel to ride for the majority of my casual riding. I'm looking forward to the SS strength gains for the upcoming Super D season. Plus the TOTAL SOUL riding that the Flight 29er SS was BORN to.
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