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flavor of tennessee...lynskey content

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thanks to the guys at lynskey, and the loft...

what a rocket:thumbsup:


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Looks good. I am a huge fan of the "loft" as well. Built and rode mine today for the first time today.
kreater said:
thanks to the guys at lynskey, and the loft...

Kreater, awesome bike, thanks for watching the Loft closely. We're always amazed at the "under an hour" sale rate we have out of the Loft. Obviously there are some killer deals and consequently we have an average of 600 unique visits a day to that page. I know you'll have a blast on your "Loft" Pro29.
What is the "Loft?"
sxr-racer said:
What is the "Loft?"
a discount section on the lynskeyperformance website where you can get great deals, but you gotta monitor it cuz things move quick
I just received my "Loft" frame yesterday.... time to build it up. Pro29 Lefty. I'll post some pic's when I have some work done on it. Waiting for the parts to show up.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts