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Kathi and I turned down a couple of solstice party invites to party by ourselves on the trail from Point Mac to Flathorn last night. Was a great ride with the pipeline trail having an inch to two of churned up powder over hard pack and the cutoff to Flathorn was a bit of everything---- hard and frozen to soft and washy in the wind drifts on the swamps. We planned to go out to the Susitna but after riding the crusted wind drift on the lake to Kirks with no fresh tracks I didn't figure there would be a trail across Dismal Swamp .No Lights at Kirks and I don't have a key to his beer stash so we just hung out admiring moonlit Mount Susitna until we cooled off and rode back. Talked with Bonnie at Skwentna this morning and she said no machines have been all the way up there yet. She said a couple of Iron Doggers had been from Raleigh Creek to just below Yentna and folks from Lake Creek had ridden to Skwentna but nothing in between. They were expecting someone to come all the way through this weekend.
Happy holidays and good riding to all from Bill and Kathi M

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missed you - by this much

I wondered who's tracks those were - I was out there at daybreak - the Pt Mac / Flathorn trail is a pleasure - I detoured at the Little Su crossing and rode up river (excellent riding) to the Boat Launch to investigate this year's Susitna 100 trail. See ya out there sometime soon.

No surprise, needs more snow.

Had an awesome meal at the Point Mac General Store after a four hour ride. And yes, that is my new Epic frame bag - early Christmas for me.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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