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Flat versus Clip-in

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Does anyone wear clip-ins for DJ or FR? I was using spd and went to flat pedals. I'm retired from racing dirt bikes. I love MTB and getting air. But I'm old and I have to take the time to learn well so my crashes don't break me. I always kept my clips set for an easy bail.
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i don't think it would be a good idea to clip in on a DJ or FR bike... lol
clips = death on dj. i thought my pedals being crazy grippy was too much...i could never ride clips. flats ftw.
Get some five ten shoes and you will feel like you are clipped in. I just got the freeriders and they are really sticky on my eastern plastic pedals. They wold probably be even better on metal pedals.
If you want to try platform for cheap go for odyssey, eastern, or any of the other 20 or so companies that make quality plastic pedals. I've used them on all my bikes (bmx, dj, ss, fixie) and love them.
clips for road

flats for everything else.
You are asking for trouble by clipping in
Atomlab trail pimps.
Clips are for speed and efficiency.
Flats and skate shoes!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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