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My personal experience but I am happy to report, The kona Wah Wah 2 pedal has beat out my two other plastic pedals. In least to greatest order. Shoes are 2018 5.10 Impact Pros

Race Face Chesters, least foot covererage of the bunch with short sharp pins

One Up components, more foot coverage, short not very sharp pins

Kona Wah Wah, most foot coverage, tall and sharp pins

Overall the Wah wah has best feel and grip, so easy winner so far. I will say the One Ups have held up to a good 2,000 miles of abuse and still spin happily without a single issue, some new pins and I am sure they would go another 2,000, great product. None of these pedals suck, all light and plastic.

IMG_4494 by driverfound337, on Flickr
IMG_4496 by driverfound337, on Flickr
IMG_4506 by driverfound337, on Flickr
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