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Hello! I’m building a new Knolly Cache with a flat bar and I’m looking for flat mount calipers that work with mountain levers. I see Magura has MT8 SL FM but I can’t find them online. Does anyone have a link?

Also, are there other options to Magura? I use HOPE pretty much exclusively and when I contacted them about their RX brakes, they told me I MUST use the road style brakes because I would not get enough stopping power on a mountain lever (the master cylinders are different). that has me thinking that unless the caliper is designed for use with mountain levers, none will work as most are made for road/gravel/Cx applications.

I almost tried both the 160mm AND 140mm post mount to flat mount adapters with some old HOPES and there is just not enough clearance on the rear triangle. The bolt on every post mount is going to get in the way of the seat stay.


1) Other options to the very hard to find MT8 SL FM (or a link with in stock??)?

2) Anyone have any idea of a FM caliper compatible with mountain levers? Have you tried and does it work? What combination works?

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