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Where are you guys buying those flasks for your hooch?
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Don't forget the Spaceman Flask Cage to go with it.
Looking for a blank one (sans logo). I don't ride a Surly nor a Yeti.

I've been using a Nalgene flask the last several years. Probably not BPA Free, oh well, it holds more than other flasks.
Give Dave at Redstone has one that fits in a cage. Not sure what kind it is, but there's usally something tasty in there.
It's a little late for this, but I got mine at Target on the day after Christmas--it was one of those Christmas box gifts in the Christmas section and I only paid $5.00!
My buddy got me one that says "40% awesome by volume" and another for a friend that says "Douchebag" on it from Urban Outfitters.

Most large liquor stores should have the plain ones. Some come with little funnels, very very helpful.
Oceanic 6 said:
Where are you guys buying those flasks for your hooch?
random liquor store
If you're a good customer, your local liquor store might just hook you up with a FREE one from one of their vendors. I got a nice stainless flask free from my LLS (not to be confused with LBS :D ) that has a Jameson irish whisky logo. :thumbsup:
I took mine from a bum.
This is the only one you'll ever need.
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Missing Flask

giantsaam: Quote: "I took mine from a bum."

That's where it went!!!! Gotta quit passing out on the trail. (I lose more stuff :madman: )
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