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Well the rest of the crew is still up in Flag enjoyng the excellent weather but I had to come back down. I went up Friday and battled I17 and met up with PapaJohn and DirtGurl and others. With the lift in fire restrictions we enjoyed a nice camp fire and camp fire tales and bs-ing. This morning I was woken up by the soothing sound if blue jays and 52 degree temps at 5:30. The plan was to ride at 10 but I felt like a kid a christmas who couldn't wait to open presents so I said adios to the group at 8:30 and struck out on my own. A mile of shultz to rocky ridge (not as bad as I expected but certainly not the old rr) up elgen ;-) rd to sunset and then to little bear and back down shultz. I had intended to do more but I was unprepared for how worked I would feel when I was done wiht LB, and with the knowledge I had to drive back own the mtn, I decided to call it a day. The ride was sublime - one of those days when everthing clicks, i felt strong and fast, everthing was smooth - I felt like I was carving on a snowboard. On to the pics and a thanks to Kathleen a crew for a great mini-get-away and good company.


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Nice pictures and mini report crashtestdummy. Looks like a nice way to spend the weekend for sure.

The trails look nice and dry unlike the horrible wet trails I have been enduring as of late here in Australia.

Great stuff
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