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Fiz'ik Arrione alternative (no tail)

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I really like the Arrione except for the extra long and pointy tail. It catches on shorts or other things when getting on the bike or hanging off the back. Does Fizik have a model with the same shape except for the tail?

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I have Fizik Tundras on 2 mtb's and love them. Similar shape to the Arione but more mtb friendly.
The Fizik Alliante is very similar without the tail, still has the nice comfortable flex without that silly sci-fi shape. Sweet saddle. But don't be fooled by the cheapo "sport" version that pops up on Price Point occasionally. It is not the same as the the "Gamma" one -- found that out the hard way. Not nearly as compliant.

I can't speak to the Gamma XM "MTB" version they have out now, but I have the roadie version from 2004 on my XC bike and it's done me right. Also, the new MTB version is -- for whatever reason -- white, which is bound to look like crap really fast.

The roadie version is black.
I've also got the Fizik Tundra, it;s great and comfortable to me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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