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Fix It Sticks Chain Breaker

With the addition of a chain breaker, Fix It Stick now offers almost every tool you'd need on a ride.​

Fix it Sticks manufacturers one of our favorite multi tools. The clever design consists of two sticks, with openings for four different bits. At the center of each stick is an opening, which allows you to snap the sticks together to form a T-handle wrench.

Fix It Sticks Chain Breaker

Fix It now offers tire levers and a chain tool designed for their tool system.​

To expand the versatility of the core product, Fix It Sticks has launched a number of add ons, including a 15mm axle nut wrench and tire levers. At Interbike, they debuted a clever chain breaker.

Fix It Sticks Chain Breaker

This clever new chain breaker is incredibly compact. And due to the modular design of the Fix It system, it's still ergonomic to operate.​

The chain breaker uses one of the Fix It Stick levers as a handle. The other stick is used as a lever to actuate the chain pin. If you're interested, the new chain breaker is available for preorder now.

Fix It Sticks Chain Breaker

The new MTB Tool Kit offers shop quality tools in a convenient package.​

Fix it Sticks is also offering a new MTB Tool kit. It consists of a slim case, which holds a pair of Fix It Sticks, several bits, tire levers, and the chain breaker. The case is large enough to accommodate a few extra tools. The unit will retail for $49.

Curious to see how the new chain breaker works or what's inside the new MTB tool kit? Catch the video above.

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This article is part of Mtbr's coverage of the 2017 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. For more from Interbike CLICK HERE.