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New bike or new phone? Is that even a question.​

Apple recently unveiled three new iPhones. The most expensive model, the iPhone X, has a starting price of $999. Want to add some extra storage? That will be $1,149. Once you're spending that kind of money, you might as well grab Applecare for another $199. And if you're in most states, don't forget to add the sales taxes.

Do you know what's more satisfying than animated poop emoji's and no headphone jack? A bicycle. Here's five different bikes we'd rather buy than blowing a grand on a new phone.

Marin Pine Mountain 2 Boost QR

Learn more about the Marin Pine Mountain in our first look, here

Marin Pine Mountain 1

The Pine Mountain is a gorgeous steel hard tail that pays homage to the brands past, but incorporates modern amenities. Rolling on plus sized tires, a wide range 1x by drive train, and smart value oriented components, this is the perfect bike for all day trail rides and bikepacking adventures.

Retail for the suspension equipped model is $1,299. The rigid version retails for $989.

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Trek X-Caliber 2018

With a price tag of well under a thousand bucks, the X-Caliber is the perfect bike for riders looking to break into XC.​

Trek X-Caliber 7

Want to build up your fitness over the winter, or maybe try a few XC/CX races? The X-Caliber from Trek is an affordable XC hardtail, with great handling, and solid part spec. It's the kind of bike you could ride to work or school, then take in the dirt.

The X-Caliber 7 retails for just $899.

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Specialized AWOL

The base level AWOL starts at $1,200. If you can spare the cash, the higher end model comes fully equipped with racks, fenders, and lights.​

Specialized AWOL

While nothing beats ripping singletrack, there's something special about heading into the woods for a multi day epic. The AWOL is purpose built for this task. With a burly steel frame, upright seating position, mounting options galore, and a Dynamo for generating electricity, you could ride it to the ends of the earth.

Retail for the base level AWOL is $1200.

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YT Dirt Love

The Dirt Love is the same frame Andreu Lacondeguy rides in slopestyle competitions around the world.​

YT Dirt Love

We have a soft spot for dirt jumpers. When the conditions outside don't lend themselves to mountain biking, or we just can't get out to the trails, ripping a little bike on the streets helps us get our fix. Dirt jumpers are also a great way to get around town, practice skills, and learn to jump. One of our favorites is the YT Dirt Love. It has a steel frame, dialed geo, and sweet build.

Retail for the base model is $895. The fancier build will set you back $1,195.

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SE STR1 26 Quadangle


SE Bikes STR-26 Quadangle

The Quandangle is a throwback to the 1970s, when BMX was big and Stu Thumsen was dominating the scene. His race bike, the STR-1, featured some crazy lines. Only ten were ever produced, which makes it one of the coveted vintage bikes in the world. Whether you want to own a piece of history, relive disco fever, or just cruise around in style, the limited edition STR-1 26" is hard to beat.

Retail for this classic cruiser is $899 and includes a signed Stu Thomsen trading card.

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