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Fitting Heim 3 guide to 5 spot.

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Hi guys
How do you fit a heim 3 to a truvativ GXP style crankset (same as hollowtech II) ? What spacers are required, and where can you get them??
Many thanks homers

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No spacers, but some possible issues depending on how tight things get. Read this.
Thanks tcheezy, you seem to have a very simialr setup to me so it should work. I have the carbon GXP stylo cranks.
Yes, but note in that thread I could not get Barny's 5-Spot with Stylo GXPs to take the Heim. My GXPs had about 2mm to play with. Barny's had about 1mm and that was not enough to accomodate the Heim unfortunately. It comes down to the manufacturing tolerances of the bb shell, crank spindle, bb cups, and Heim arm sorting themselves favorably.
Ah, so it's a bit of a suck it and see job then. Looks like I'll have to buy one to try.
Arrived and fitted fine, works well even with normal heim roller, took about 20 minutes to fit.
Thanks for the help.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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