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FIT vs. Open Bath

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I have FOX F100 RL Remote 2009 with open bath but i consider if to swap it to 2010 with FIT damper. I know it's lighter about 80grams but as good and reliable as open bath? I read somewhere that FIT dampers require more often servicing as there isn't so much oil in lower leg which lubricate everything as it happens in open bath versions. It's more puzziling that in 2010 we still have FOX forks with open bath available. Anyone already goes with FIT? Does it work better, worse, any diffrences?
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the fit is pure ****
30 cc of oil inside the damper it looks like somone burn the oil and only after 100 hours of ride
+ their was no oil at all in the lowers also after 100 hours of use.
30 cc in the dumper can't do the same work that the old open bath 155 cc does and looks clean after 400 hours.
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