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Well looking to make a bar change on my fisty here. Currently have a Midge which is fine for short rides but hurts my hands after a while.

I was looking for something that would fit more like a traditional road bar but with some off road strength. I'm not going to sugar coat it and say it will be for fire roads, this thing will hit some singletrack. I have seen what Salsa offers with the Woodchipper and it looks like I could get a "dual mode" hand position for off and on the road. What I mean by that is my hands on the hoods for road riding then in the drops for some dirt.

Any suggestions? My stem is a 25.4 so I would like to keep it there if I can avoid buying another stem.

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I have a Set of WTB Dirt Drops - PM me if you would like to try them.

They are a bit more "road oriented" for lack of a better word than the Midge Bars and 25.4mm clamp too.

They would be priced fair or we could barter parts or something.


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