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Hi All,

I'm 6'1" 230 and ride aggressive XC. My current ride is a '02 Fisher Sugar 4 which started life as a '01 Sugar 4. Almost everything on the bike has been replaced except the stem, LX derailuers and Bonty Super Stock wheels (sheared off one freewheel). Broke the first '01 frame so the frame is a '02.

Current setup is:

- Fox Vanilla R fork set to 100mm with heavy springs (other forks feel like a wet noodle)
- King headset
- Thomson post
- Titec hellbent bar
- Raceface ISIS BB
- Truvative Stylo team
- AVID arch brakes w/ SD levers

Although the bike rides nicely, my question is knowing what I know now about equipment failure and my weight and riding style would I be better off selling the bike while it's in one piece and buying something beefier? I'd like to get disc brakes anyway (brake fade is pretty bad on rim brakes). What do you all think?

- Adventuregeek

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I'd sell it

I've had similar concerns with my sugar. Had a 2000, broke the frame after 18 months. Received the 2002 frame and just broke it after 15 months. They're now in the process of sending me a new rear triangle, but I'm not aiming for strike three. I'll most likely sell when I get it back or try and trade.

Good luck, I'm eyeing a sturdier frame, after renting a kona dawg, it has most of my attention.
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