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Fisher Rig Crank/BB Replacement

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The finish on my stock Bontrager cranks was peeling off, so I decided to upgrade/replace with a Truvativ Stylo GXP crankset with external bottom bracket.

I was originally concerned that the external BB would be too big to enable access to the EBB bolts, but that problem didn't materialize.
Instead, the bottom of the external BB overlaps the bottom of the bottom bracket shell on my frame just enough so that I can't slide the EBB from side to side. It's not really a problem (since the bottom bracket is now essentially centering the EBB in place), but when I adjust my chain tension, the EBB "walks over" a few millimeters to the drive side and I'm wondering if this is going to cause any problems with putting stress on the non-drive side BB (which is already pressed against the frame before everything starts to move over).

Not really a big deal, just wondering if others have experienced this. If I had to do it over again, I would probably avoid getting a crank with an external bottom bracket.
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