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... since I was a teenager, anyway. I used to bmx in the 80s and ate $#!+ and got up grinning all the time. Man, I sure don't bounce back like I used to.

Was taking a 2 foot drop to flat that I had done a few times before, only on this section of the terracing the limestone coping stuck up a couple inches and caught my rear tire, levering the front of the bike down. I tucked and rolled, but then the bike decided to land on my knee and gouge it up a bit.

The knee swelled a bit, but went down last night. Just a little sore. Shoulder, tricep and lat on right side are stiff and sore today, but I have full range motion without sharp pains, so I think I'm good. I slept half the day today, feeling like an old man. :D

The AC tear and clavicle break threads in this forum are pretty scary. This was definitely a reality check for me. I was not wearing a helmet. I was on turf with no rocks around, but I suppose the bike could have decided to land on my head. Definitely wearing a helmet from now on.

The part that ticks me off is that I saw the lip about a yard before I hit it, realized I needed more speed to power over it, and threw myself off balance because I was in the lowest gear (32:32 on my 1x8) and spun out right away. Had I been on my old BMX bike I think I would have made it. :D OK maybe not, but it sure got me thinking about a single speed....
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