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First upgrade to 2010 Enduro Expert

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What would you / what have you upgraded first on the 2010 Enduro Expert?
What component is the most unnecessarily heavy?
What component is the lightest/most breakable?

reducing weight without affecting durability and increasing durability for super rough terrain without significantly increasing weight are both good things for my application.
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If you ride chunk/tech, the tires should be the first to go.
$70 or so on an XT cassette drops like 100 grams off your back wheel.
Odi ruffian lock on grips and a WTB saddle for better fit/comfort. Getting the bike dialed in yet and look forward to upgrades soon. Maybe a wheelset...
The first thing i did was put an E160 front fork on it. I just got the S-Works Carbon Prowess Enduros bars in today. But i think i am done after that....but an XT cassette may be nice.
Raceface Sixc Bar, XTR cranks, Point 1 stem.
Have the damper upgraded on the fork - after that is really performs.

Also the crank is like lead - swap the chainset for wieght and stiffness.

If I dropped 4K on it, I wouldn't change a damn thing until it broke:eekster:
Dealer charged me $22 today for a der. hanger that broke. It lasted about 8-9 rides on my '10 Enduro. The stock tires last three rides.

These are Phoenix rock rides, but still ...
I ride in phx and specialized tires don't hold up well. I now use Nevagals 2.35s. They are heavy but I have had only 1 failure.
If you've only had one Neve failure, you're really lucky or don't ride much gnar. I hate those tires personally.

Currently running an Intense 2.5 up front and a new Spec. Purgatory grid 2.4 in the back. Both are holding up pretty good. I really like the Intense front tire, particularly for $19 from Jenson.

The Purgatory seems tough enough and rolls OK. Tubeless at 28psi, it doesn't really seem to grab onto rock faces like I'm used to. May drop the pressure a bit to see if that helps.
@ Blatant: Your dealer should have given you the hanger! On the speci website it says in the spec list that you get a hanger. I specially asked for mine, because it was not with all the papers they gave me when I picked up mu '10 Enduro last week...

They normally charge 24 E (35 US) for it, SICK! Production cost is about 20c. Why not be a proud bike builder and give 2 extra....
SRAM 990 cassette on the rear! hands down my favorite one on the market
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