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First Trip To Moab

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So, with all of the wetness around here in SW CO. lately I was feeling the pull of the desert. I talked my wife and 8yo son into a trip to Moab. My wife was a little aprehensive but the little guy was totally psyched. He's been wanting to get to Moab for a while and now that he just got a new, legitimate Mtn. bike I figured it was time for an initiation. My wife who's not a technical rider was sold on the idea that we could go out early, ride something basic (not really that easy to find in Moab) and then head into Arches NP for an afternoon hike.

The only crew I can always count on for a good adventure.

First time in Moab on a brand new XS Felt 620. The little man exceeded my expectations by moving from a 20" Raleigh Rowdy to a full size bike in one jump while stepping it up a notch in the aggressivness category. I give him 2 maybe 3 years before we'll be riding some of the bigger rides around here. I can't wait.

Canyon rim riding stoke.

Canyon rim feet dangling stoke.

Then it was off to Arches to hike out to The Delicate Arch. How pretty is that place?

No trip to Moab would be complete without the sun gapers (gaper = ski term for someone who has no clue)............classic :p

This about sums up the whole day............

Have a safe and happy Independence Day. Hope you enjoyed the photos.
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awesome, looks like fun.
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