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I'm a four wheel drive enthusiast as well as a passionate mountain biker. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take my Jeep up a secret trail in North Carolina. The trail is a legal state "road" that has been almost forgotten. What makes it a secret is that you won't hear about it on the web or in any books or magazines... only by word of mouth, and not many people are talking. It took us 11 hours to climb fom the bottom to the top, and the entire way was a steady climb.

All I could think about while diving was how much fun it would be in the other direction on my bike. A bike would be much faster than the 4 wheeled vehicles, but it would still take at least two solid hours to get from the top to the bottom. The trail is littered with obstacles such as big rocks, ledges, drops, and ravines. I'm a trail rider. I have never shuttled a ride, but if there ever was a trail perfect for shuttling... this is it. There is a paved road at he top that goes past the little village at the bottom and the other end of the trail. I did some asking around at all the LBS's nearby and closer to home. No one has any knowledge of the trail nor did I see any bike tracks of evidence of bikes while I was on the trail.

I don't have a big hit bike. My Superlight is set up for trail riding with 4 inches on each end and disc brakes. I may be asking for touble, but I'm willing to take some hits for the chance to get first tracks on a trail of this calibur. I have recruited a team of trusted individuals to share the priveledge of taking the first MTB ride on this trail. I am seriously amped about our upcoming adventure. Oh my friends... there will be some sweet pics coming soon.
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