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First TLD helmet / Sizing questions

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Looking to order a TLD stage and it will be my first TLD as well as full face MTB helmet.

I currently have:

Bell Sixer M
Giro Chronicle M

They both have a size range of 55-59cm.

TLD M/L range is 57-59 or 22 3/8 - 23 1/4in.

I measure just above 57cm (22 1/2in),
so I’m near the lower end of the range or bottom third if you use inches.

Other sizing charts show overlap between sizes, whereas TLD does not. Since it’s my first full face I was wondering if the cheek pads provide more adjustability in the event the helmet is a little big.

For reference, I’ve had numerous size M helmets and never had an issue.

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The Stage comes with a large variety of thickness pads, i think youll be good with the m/L
I usually use L helmets (1-piece MET Parachute and Stage being the only full faces to date). The M/L Stage however was too small for me, cramped in the head and the chin bar dangerously too close to my chin in the event of a fall. The XL/XXL fits me great and not wobbly
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