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First Snowfall

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Tscheezy in Kodiak?
No. Squeaky on the local CO trails after first snowfall. Pix courtesy of Ventanarama.

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nice! i dig snow rides. one thing about iowa is i get plenty of them so its not all bad squeek. that stream crossing looks cool and cold. nice ice patch to contend with at landfall. yikes!
Heh, Heh.

I spent a total of 8 years in Ann Arbor, Michigan & Chicago so I have an idea of what you're up against during a midwest winter. Tough times.

Funky ride yesterday. Started at 63 degrees & dry at the base and ended at 40 degrees with the icy streams at the top. Good times for sure.
looks it pal! too bad im workin today. we got our first snow on fri followed by rain on sat so trails closed. maybe dry by thurs when i have a day off. if not theres always the weekend. its so hit and miss out here its not funny. oh well, ill just keep e-ridin. weeeeeeeeee!
cool pics....but where the heck is Sean on the Pugs!?
I've got one word...

5 words: Move East, no crowds, ever.
looooooooookin' gooood
Bikezilla said:
5 words: Move East, no crowds, ever.
Hmmm, Seems like you were saying (last year?) something about not riding much in the winter (at all) out East due to potential trail damage - too many words to count... :)
Nice pics Squeak - I tried riding the snowshoe loop yesterday through Keystone Gulch, but there has been so much snow and it's stayed cold enough that it's just too soft and deep to make any headway. I wanted to take some pics, but I bailed and rode the asphalt on the SS - nothing too exciting about road slush. Maybe it's time to get the skis out and focus on the "other" gravity sport. - either that or get a Pugsley...
Kenda sticke's in the snow? Are you nuts? Do you spray your tires with PAM too? There is something about the Kenda low duro rubber which is just frictionless on snow/ice, we Alaskans have discovered.

Grab the camera from Larry one day and let's get some shots of him too! :)
The snow was really packed down from hikers.

The Blue Groove works OK up front in the snow. The Nev in the rear is awful. We honestly weren't expecting to find that much snow as the temps had been in the mid 60s during the day. I swapped the rear afterwards to a Schwalbe Fat Albert 2.35 which is an OK snow tire. I'd like to try an NBX but Larry only had UST.

I would have taken some shots of Larry but I wore the wrong gloves and my hands were too cold to push the shutter release.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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