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I recently bought new 2012 Fox RL fork and it was a huge upgrade to my old fork. We had a really long dry period and all the tracks turned into really fine red dust which was going everywhere. Only after 15 hours of riding with brand new fork it didn't feel as good as it used to so instead of recommended 30 hours I thought to take a look what was going on inside my fork.

I was also worried about the oil condition after the fork had been sitting in the shop for 2 years. The foam seals were pretty dirty all the way in, covered in red dirt from the tracks and it seems like it was the right decision to service the fork after only 15 hours of riding.

The oil that came out from the lowers was to my surprise different color in each leg.

Fluid Green Liquid Plastic Transparent material

The oil in the left, which was the color I expected, came out from the air spring side and the more brownish oil on the right came from the damper side. Is this normal? This is after only 15 hours of riding.

I also changed the air chamber float fluid at the same time. After the service the fork feels a lot better and I don't have to worry about the oil condition inside the fork.

Can the bath oil in the lowers and the float fluid in air chamber go bad over time without riding?

I just cleaned the seals and foam rings this time but I'll change them into new ones during the next service. Would you recommend to change the seals every 30 hours or just clean them and would you recommend to try other brand (Enduro, SKF?) seals next time? It might be a bit difficult to get other brand seals here but I'll try if it's worth it.

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I think it's normal for the damper side oil to be a bit more "used" looking. The air spring side merely lubes the bushings and seals. The damper oil is being forced through ports, shim stacks, etc. and more moving parts. There's a much greater likelihood that particles from parts wear will end up in the damper oil. I don't think it's a matter of which seals you used. Doesn't look like moisture (that would be more milky) and doesn't look like dust or dirt. I'd just ride it and check it again after a similar time period. If it looks better next time, you can go longer between services.
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