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Went for my first ride on my first MTB and figured I would share some pictures. I went with one of my buddies that has been doing this for a couple years so he put me through my paces and I am beat. We went for about 2hrs and it was fun as hell haven't had that much outdoors fun in awhile.

My bike is the Jamis Durango 1 its a 17in frame. I like the bike it felt nice I am just paranoid it isn't the right size although it seems to fit me fine(I am 5'10'' but have like a 29 maybe 30in inseam so short legs in other words).

All these pics are from my phone so they aren't from a nice camera.

Bike at home afterwards.


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Looks like a good place to have some fun on a bike. Not totally different from my area :thumbsup:

I like a compact bike myself: should be nimble on some twisty trails. See how you like it if you lower the bar a bit: you seem to have some spacers below the stem and they could be rearranged to put them above the stem.
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