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Happiness is a new bike and a frozen trail!

I finally got my EMD9 out of my den. I'm lucky to have a nice trail network at Bethpage St Park on Long Island one mile from home. Right out the door at sunrise before the snow storm I found the front fork way to soft while still on the road. Turned around and just pumped up the positive air until it was almost rigid and headed back out. I was worried about how it would act in tight singletrack so that's where I started. No problem; this thing is really point and shoot! Even a tough tight rooty downhill to up hill switch-back; no problem. I was worried about acceleration but I didn't feel any difference with 1860gram wheels from BWW with their Pure hubs and Mavic rims and 620 gram Hutchinson Pythons. I was worried about gearing but it climbs at least as good and probably better than my 26er, on one nasty rooty climb that I've never gotten up and my GT Zaskar............well, I got stuck in the same place, but I will get up it soon!

Niner really got the geometry dialed on this bike; twisty singletrack was smooth and flowing, downhills were FUN! This is great, I'm sold. Now I just have to wait for the Niner carbon fork to come out so I can try really rigid and drop 3 lbs down to 21.something.
Anyone know when it will be available?
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