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Have just got my shoulder brace off etc. Thought had better have a ride on this new DARE, seeing as thought it has been sitting there un ridden for 5 weeks.
Went for an urban ride, dont wish to tick the surgeon off, see him Wednesday. So rode around the waterfront in Auckland.

This bike is stunning to ride. I cannot get over how well it climbs, with virtually nil bob. After coming off a BigHit Expert, this bike is in a totally different league. Not that I didnt realise this, but it showed big time today. Quite a relaxing bike to ride along the road etc.

Did a number of jumps off 5 - 6 foot walls. Soft as landings, hardly realise you have left the ground, then come into contact with it again. Riding down big flights of outdoor stairs is smoother than a jiant smooth thing.

The Sherman Sliders on the from went well thus very early stage, hard to get an idea of the SPV compnent whilst jumping off walls and rinding on the road, got a little idea upon climbing a few hills. But will reserve judgement just yet.

Main thing is, I am one happy camper, cant wait to have the all go on the shoulder, then can get busy on it and go hard. Will post more when it goes through its paces, today was just to be able to say I have ridden it.

;) ;) :) ;) :) ;) :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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