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First real ride!

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So today was it! Got a little bit of a late start but no problem. Headed down to Barton Creek Greenbelt trail. It was overcast all day and alittle drizzle here and there. I did get some MTB shorts with the chamois at REI on clearance OHHH YEAHH made a world of difference. I was so excited to get this day started the plan was to ride from our start point to a park called Zilker park in total close to like 4 miles. Man we had a blast the weather was great, nice breeze. only problem was with the on and off rain here and there and it being humid the rocky sections were slicker than snot.I did not fall this time thank goodness! AND the new (new to me) Rockhopper performed flawlessly I couldnt be happier with it. Its so light to me and when you change gears its there no waiting for things to grab like with the dept store bike. When we got into Zilker I had never felt so accomplished I was just extremely excited kept saying WE DID IT WE DID IT! haha may not sound like much to some, but we just started riding and this was our FIRST actual ride through an entire trail to a destination so we were pumped up. But here's technical information and pics about the ride!. The stats on the left with the longer time is on the way to zilker and the one on the right is the return trip. The combined mileage isnt the full total either, when we reached zilker I stopped recording tracks and we rode down barton creek rd to a restaurant. So it was more like 9-10mi total.


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for some reason the app I was using didnt pick up grades on the way back, soo. Heres the map as well.


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Good job love my first off road ride. Gives you a kind of itch to do more
Nice. We were out there on Sunday and had a good time. The 360 to Zilker part is the more technical (rocky) section. Going the other way from 360 is a faster trail thats a little more open. Have fun out there.
I wish we had terrain like that in central florida
good for you! glad to see you got out there and had some fun. what app is that?
Glad you got out, it is still too wet here. I use that app on my EVO, it's My Tracks by Google, is that right?
Good stuff!

You should try the trail to the west of 360 (Capital of Texas HWY).
Sweet! I've been meaning to get down there!
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