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First Race

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I rode my first ever race yesterday. I thought half way through the race I was gonna die. My whole entire body was screaming at me, "Why the hell are you doing this?!" It was freakin awesome tho. A day later and my endorphins are still raging. :rockon: I got fourth place in the beginner series, but I had no idea what was in store for me or how these things work. It was a short-track race that went for about 40 minutes, with a sweet jump at the end of each lap. I think I might be hooked, I'm just afraid that racing might take away from my enjoyment of riding with my buddies but it could also add another fun factor to my riding lifestyle :D
Just had to let everyone know that I'm am stooked right now.
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It sounds like a very successful entry into racing and I bet you'll go back for more. It is a whole different ballgame than riding with your buds. I hope you will continue to enjoy them both.
Short track racing is the shiznizzle! It's so intense man, I love it! Glad you had fun now you need to get your buddies to start racing so you'll have some guys to push you to get faster :thumbsup:
We should just start racing each other for beer. Who ever loses has to pay for the post ride pint.
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