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What a blast. First time riding in the dark and definitely not the last. I was hoping to get out to some real singletrack but figured if I'm going alone it's a safer bet to stay closer to home...

This was the longest ride I've had so far on my new bike (picked it up just as the snow started falling) and I'm very pleased with its handling, day & night compared to my hardtail.

My freshly studded Panaracers courtesy of nspace's little tutorial last week:

The climbing bite on these is pretty solid but what blew me away was how well they stopped in the snow...

Is anybody on this forum riding the King City loop nowadays?

Singlespeed Mysty
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oh the memories come flooding in...

of my first night ride shortly after learning how to ride a darn bike! :D

all the tree hugging that went on in the Witch Trail at Albion Hills...

can't wait to get on my bike this year!!! YAH!:D

definate purchase is a set of lights this season...


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