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So, I might be buying my buddies Redline Monocog. He's rode it twice, doesn't like it.

Great opportunity for me.

Rode it tonight, after committing a multitude of fouls, even though it was a very short ride. (3<)

#1: I drank before I rode. I wasn't expecting to ride tonight, so I pushed back a few PBR's. So, was dehydrated on the ride.

#2: Forgot to adjust the seat. Bad Mojo

#3: I haven't rode in 2 weeks. Figured I could just go out there and hammer.

Even though all these things were bad, I still had a blast. But, I do have a question. I'm quite sure it's been brought up before but . . .

After riding it for those three miles, I feel like I just got out of the ring with Mike Tyson. My ribs, back, kidneys area, all of it. Hurting. Not severe pain, just a bit sore.

Rigid Fork causing it? Does this get better, like saddle soreness when you first start the season?

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The rigid fork probably did its part...

I find that riding my SS HT (suspension fork) works my shoulders, arms and back much more than a "gearie" bike. I get more of a full body workout (although I ride for fun, I realise that it must have some effect on my physical condition too :p ).

The rigid fork obviously makes you feel the bumps more. There's more need to pick lines and remain relaxed but not slack on the bike.
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