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I got such a huge response when I posted these on FB, that I thought I would put them here too. The first five were the best, but I also included a few outtakes.

In 1979 Gary Fisher and I had decided we would build bikes on the nine Tom Ritchey frames he had advanced to us. First order of business was publicity photos. We only had one working bike, so we had to use Gary's. Gary also had the best camera between us, a Hasselblad large format. He wasn't confident that I could use his camera, so I rode the bike and he took the photos.

Tire Wheel Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame Bicycle

Bicycle wheel Tire Wheel Bicycle frame Bicycle tire

Gary wanted to do a little cyclocross action, so I jumped the barrier that kept people from riding around the gate. Note the "Klunkers" t-shirt.

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle wheel rim Shoe Bicycle frame

The object here was to show how light the bike was. Still, holding it out at arm's length takes quite a bit of strength and you can only do it for a second or so, just long enough for the photo.
Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle wheel Bicycle fork

Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel rim Denim Bicycle wheel Jeans

The rest are outtakes.

Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame

Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame

Bicycle wheel Bicycle frame Mountain bike Bicycle Soil
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