As first hinted at in our forums, Trek has redesigned its trail hardtail, the Roscoe, for the 2022 model year. The updated bike is designed around 29-inch wheels (as opposed to 27.5-plus wheels on the previous version), features updated geometry, and a longer-travel suspension fork.

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Trek 2022 Roscoe Highlights
  • Designed around 29x2.6" wheels and tires
  • Longer, slacker than the previous version - 65° head angle / 74.7 effective seat tube angle
  • 140mm suspension fork on all models
  • Aluminum frame
  • Price range: $1,699.99 - $2,699.99
Trek Roscoe availability, pricing, build highlights, and weights
Trek appears to have listened to riders demanding a budget-friendly hardtail that can be ridden aggressively. The updated Roscoe ditches the former's 27.5x2.8" wheels and tires for 29x26" rolling stock (save for the XS version that uses 27.5" wheels). In addition to switching wheel sizes, the 2022 Roscoe grows longer, slacker, and features 140mm suspension forks in place of the 120mm forks found on the previous generation. Note that Trek kept the entry-level Roscoe 6 unchanged for 2022. The revamped Roscoe is found at the 7, 8, and 9 tiers.
All three updated Roscoe trims levels feature tubeless-compatible wheels and tires, 1x12 drivetrains, and four-piston brakes big rotors. All builds also sport dropper seatposts: 100mm on the size small, 130mm on mediums, and 150mm posts on sizes M/L, L and XL. While droppers across the board are great, many taller riders would probably welcome longer-stroke droppers.

The Roscoe is available now through Trek dealers and online at in select markets.

Roscoe 9 - $2,699.99

Build highlights: Fox Rhythm 36 fork, Shimano XT/SLX drivetrain with e*thirteen Helix cranks, Shimano M6100 brakes w/180mm rotors, Trans-X dropper seatpost
Claimed weight: 28.95lbs

Roscoe 8 - $2,299.99

Build highlights: RockShox 35 Gold RL fork, SRAM GX/NX drivetrain w/X1 Eagle cranks, Shimano M4200 brakes, Trans-X dropper seatpost
Claimed weight: 29.85lbs

Roscoe 7 - $1,699.99

Build highlights: RockShox Recon Silver RL fork, Shimano Deore drivetrain, Shimano MT200 brakes, Trans-X dropper seatpost
Claimed weight: 30.84lbs

Trek 2022 Roscoe geometry
The new Roscoe follows in the footsteps of trail hardtails like Kona's Honzo and packs a lot of value into an affordable trail-worthy platform.

Trek Roscoe FAQ
What is different about the frame compared to previous versions?
Geometry: Longer reach (about 45mm depending on the frame size), slacker 65-degree head tube angle, steeper 74.7-degree seat tube angle, and 430mm chainstays.

Fork travel: The new Roscoe has a 140mm suspension fork on all sizes

Other rad features: Boost 148 rear spacing, 110mm front spacing, longer dropper insertion, noise-reducing downtube and chainstay armor, improved internal routing, and a UDH (universal derailleur hanger).

Do any frame sizes feature curved top tubes for lower standover?
All frame sizes have straight top tubes. The longer reach allows a more gradual angle that results in lower standover compared to the previous Roscoe.

Do all frame sizes use the same wheel size?
Sizes small through XL use 29" wheels. XS frames use 27.5" wheels.

Is the Roscoe compatible with other wheel and tire sizes?

How much dropper post insertion does the Roscoe's frame have?
XS: 235mm
S: 240mm
M: 255
M/L: 260mm
L: 280mm
XL: 328mm

What type of bottom bracket does the Roscoe use?
A tried and true threaded 73mm bottom bracket
What is the maximum fork travel on the Trek Roscoe?
All bikes come with 140mm suspension forks but can run up to 150mm.

Is the Roscoe compatible with 2x drivetrains?
No, the Roscoe is designed to run 1x drivetrains exclusively.