After many months of teasing its new cross-country race bike in domestic and World Cup events, Santa Cruz is finally releasing the full details of the Blur. The fourth iteration of the Blur comes in two versions: a purebred race bike that looks ready to go head-to-head with the Specialized Epic, Scott Spark, Cannondale Scalpel and Canyon Lux; and the longer-travel Blur TR, designed for stage races and marathon events.
Santa Cruz Blur Highlights

  • 100mm front and rear suspension
  • 40mm stroke shock
  • Lightweight single-pivot suspension with flex stays
  • Able to carry two water bottles in the main triangle and one under the downtube
  • 289g lighter than the Blur 3
  • Claimed weight: 1,933g (Large frame w/SidLuxe shock and all hardware, no axle)
  • Frame-specific chainstay lengths
  • Complete bike pricing: $5,199-$11,299
  • Frameset pricing: $3,399
  • Available now
Santa Cruz Blur TR Highlights

  • Same frame as the standard Blur with a longer, 45mm stroke shock and different build kits
  • 115mm rear/120mm front suspension
  • Builds feature 34mm stanchion forks
  • Complete bike pricing: $4,599-$9,449
  • Frameset pricing: $3,399
Built for Speed
According to Santa Cruz, the Blur is the lightest full-suspension carbon cross-country bike the brand has ever produced. Complete bikes start at approximately 23-pounds. The claimed weight for the frame with shock is 1,933g (large frame w/SidLuxe shock and all hardware, no axle). This is 289g lighter than the Blur 3. A significant portion of this weight reduction came from replacing the brand's flagship VPP suspension system with a simplified single-pivot rear suspension.
For many years, Santa Cruz had a single-pivot cross-country bike in its line, called the Superlight. The name lives on as the Blur's new suspension design. As mentioned above, the move to a single-pivot suspension shed a significant amount of weight from the frame. This part of a growing trend among full-suspension race bikes such as the Specialized Epic and Cannondale Scalpel that shave grams by reducing the number of pivots and linkages and replacing them with flex zones in the seatstays or chainstays. Santa Cruz engineers designed flex into a zone in the upper seatstays. Relying on carbon flex, rather than pivots, generates spring forces that influence the performance of the suspension—essentially, the suspension is a damped spring and flex stays are an undamped spring. Santa Cruz was able to use its in-house carbon lab to test and iterate different carbon fiber layups to find the right balance of flex, damping and durability for the new Blur.

Read more about the Superlight suspension design here: Superlight™ Suspension Design

Blur Versus Blur TR - What's the difference?
Santa Cruz is releasing the Blur in two versions. The standard Blur is a 100mm race bike designed for World Cup competition, while 115mm Blur TR is better suited to riders looking for a marathon race bike for events such as the Breck Epic and BC Bike Race. Both bikes share the same frame. The difference in travel comes from the shock stroke: 40mm for the Blur and 45mm for the Blur TR.

The models also differ in their build kits. The Blurs use shorter droppers and 32mm stanchion forks with 100mm of travel. Blur TR builds get full-length droppers and 120mm forks with 34mm stanchions. Other spec changes include higher volume tires and 180mm rotors on the TR bikes. The Juliana version of the Blur, known as the Wilder, is only available with the TR spec.


Blur Versus Blur TR Geometry

The Blur is up to speed with its competitors in terms of frame geometry. It features a longer reach paired with a shorter stem and slacker head angle than XC rigs from a few years ago. This should make it a confident descender on the increasingly technical XC courses.

Santa Cruz goes out of its way to note that the Blur TR is not a trail bike and riders looking for a more aggressive short-travel model will be best served by the Tallboy 4. (However, trail riders who miss the Tallboy 3 may appreciate the new Blur TR.)

Santa Cruz Blur Pricing and Availability
The Blur and Blur TR are available now in limited quantities. Pricing for the Blur ranges from $5,199-$11,299. Pricing for the Blur TR and Wilder range from $4,599-$9449. The frameset is available for $3,399.

For more information, visit: Blur